Our Heritage

Virgin Islands Motors or who we all know as V.I Motors has been in the automotive industry since 1966. With Mr. Keithley Parkers' vision of simply starting up his own workshop to do repairs and sell gas he grew the company with his first franchise of PPG Paint in 1969. Mrs. Ethelyn Parker came and assist with the business full time when the company got the General Motors franchise followed by the National Rental franchise early 1977. With both of them together they both ensure customers satisfaction, rendering "service beyond the call".

Young Allan Parker got introduced to the business in his early years at the age of 15, when he would help out cleaning cars and tendering gas after school. Thus his passion for the company grew as business increased.Now General Manager, Mr. Allan Parker spearheads the whole operation of the company keeping his father's vision alive and "striving for excellence for over 47 years".