More Oil or Change Oil?

              As discussed in the previous article, there are various types of oil, and each type has a specific purpose. Now, we will be talking about what the vehicle needs. Can we do with just more oil, or is it that time when we need the change the oil.

              When thinking about more oil, this is easily associated with oil levels. To check for oil levels, you will need to locate the dipstick of your car. You will find this on the left side of the engine. It has a yellow or orange circular handle. When you pull this out, you will see a long thin metal that has some markings on the tip. The indicator closest to the metal tip of the dipstick would tell you that you would need to top up more oil. The need to top up more oil comes from different reasons. See the common ones below.

  1. Wrong Oil grade
  2. Poor Oil Quality
  3. Gasket and Seal condition
  4. Higher Engine temperature
  5. Driving style
  6. Engine Design

Now that we have checked the level of oil in the vehicle, it is now time to determine if we need to change the oil. When the oil is new, the color is light yellow. When it gets used by the engine, the color turns to darker yellow even up to black. The darker the color of the oil, the sooner you will need to get this changed. Through normal usage, the oil will darken. To make sure that this doesn’t happen quickly, you will need to avoid contamination of the oil. Contamination of your oil would mean unnecessary exposure to air or other lubricants in the engine. Now that you know this, you should be able to take care of your vehicle better.

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