The VIN or Vehicle Identification number is a 17 digit unique footprint for each car comprised of letters and numbers where each position of letter and number has a meaning. It can tell you the car’s features, manufacturer and specifications.

For vehicle owners the most important thing to know about the VIN is its location. Where will you find the VIN of your vehicle? There are multiple places you will find this.

1. Dashboard
    - You will see a rectangle-shaped cut in the small tint area at the bottom of the windshield on the right side if you are facing the vehicle. This will be one of the easiest to spot as there is a small rectangle plate placed that has the VIN engraved on it.
2. Wheel arch driver-side
    - This will be found outside the vehicle where the tire on the driver’s side. You will need a flashlight to see the VIN since it is a bit hidden and unexposed.
Tilt tire to the full left to see the VIN.
3. Under the steering wheel
    - Grab your flashlight and check under the steering wheel column.
4. The firewall of the vehicle or other component-parts
    - The VIN is mostly engraved on the metal wall beneath the windshield of the vehicle. Sometimes it is also on the edge of the door or door-jam.
Car Firewall
5. On the floor under the carpet front seat
    - Some vehicles have this hidden under the carpet either on the passenger side or the driver’s side. The carpet is normally secured with a snap-on lock which you can unclip if you want to see the VIN.
Under the chair on either passenger or driver side.
6. Insurance policy and Vehicle Title and Registration
    - This is the easiest VIN location but is mostly forgotten.

As time goes by, more locations may have or may not have the VIN of our cars. The easiest way to get this information is to get the registration and title or insurance papers. This is the easiest as no matter how much change a car goes through, it will always have a registration while for you to be able to drive your car, you definitely would need insurance.

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