Will you drive straight, or get pulled in one direction?

              In instances that you need to let go of your steering wheel when the urge to sneeze suddenly comes. Your hands suddenly become occupied for a quick second. You let go of the steering wheel, thinking that it will be only a second.  Driving on a straight road will allow you to let go of your steering wheel to make that sneeze. Then, in a blink of an eye, you find yourself on the side of the road. Your vehicle didn’t continue driving on a straight line. The worse part is, you get into a head-on collision. Your steering wheel pulls you to the side of the road where the counter traffic flows.  It suddenly becomes too late to pull back. You start to wonder what lead you to that horrible experience. What did you miss? You suddenly remembered being advised to get a wheel alignment, but you didn’t listen. You thought your mechanic was trying to get more money from you. In the end, it would have averted the current situation.

              Now we try to figure out what the mechanic did with the vehicle. Why did he recommend the wheel alignment? Let me give you the list of parts that would require wheel alignment after replacement:

  1. Shock/Strut –>(Front/Rear)
  2. Wheel Bearing/Hub Assembly –>(Front/Rear)
  3. Ball Joint –>(Lower)
  4. Tie Rod End
  5. Sway Bar Link
  6. Sway Bar Bracket Bushing
  7. Control Arm –>(Lower)
  8. Rack & Pinion
  9. Tires

              Getting your parts changed is very important. Making sure your vehicle is well-calibrated is just as important. So for you who have recently changed any of those parts above, call us at 4942493, and we can discuss when we can schedule you for wheel alignment.

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